The LAUNCH Flying Yoyo - The OUTDOOR flying yoyo

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LAUNCH flying yoyo

Are you ready for this? A flying yoyo? That’s right. You read that correctly… a flying yoyo.

Check out the LAUNCH Flying yoyo. The inventor combined the mechanics of yo-yoing and the physics of flight to design this fun skill toy. The LAUNCH is designed with propeller side caps for gravity-defying thrust. It’s fun to throw this flying yoyo. It flies away from you and returns to your hand.

The LAUNCH Flying Yoyo can be played with a shorter string, but you won’t see its potential until you use the ten-foot string. This longer string makes the LAUNCH more than "just any yoyo." With the longer string, it gives the distance to really catch air and fly.

After learning how to throw the LAUNCH by YOYOdrone, don’t think it stops there. Take it to the next level with looping tricks. Imagine looping tricks with a yoyo designed with propellers! Just like a yoyo, you can perform one looping trick after another.

The LAUNCH is made from durable polycarbonate (a VERY TOUGH plastic) to withstand any crashes to the ground or objects. Don’t forget you’re using a ten-foot (three meter) string!

The LAUNCH by YOYOdrone is a high quality product MADE in the USA!

 LAUNCH Flying Yoyo Specifications:

  • Flying yoyo with a ten foot (three meter) string
  • Designed for right-handed throwing; can be thrown left-handed, also
  • Made of polycarbonate!
  • Made in the USA!
  • Recommended for ages 10+

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