Yomega 3 Piece Yo-Yo Gift Set

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The Yomega yo-yo gift set is a great Holiday/Birthday gift for any yoyoer at a bargain price. This 3-piece yoyo set is perfect for the beginner level as well as intermediate to advanced play. The yoyo gift set includes a Yomega Brain, Fireball, and Raider yo yo. It also comes with the 5 high-speed replacement strings, and a really cool yoyo carrying holster.

The Yomega Raider yo yo is a high performance ball bearing axle yo-yo that gives the player awesome response and speed. The Fireball yoyo comes with the patented Delron transaxle, which gives it the capability to outsleep a fixed axle yo yo by three times! The Yomega Brain yo-yo has the world famous patented centrifugal clutch system that allows it to return to the yo-yoer automatically.  The single yo yo carrying holster will give you easy access to your yo-yo, and impress your friends with its stylish look.

Yomega 3 Piece Yoyo Gift Pack Contents:

  • 1 Yomega Raider Yoyo (colors vary)
  • 1 Fireball Yoyo (colors vary)
  • 1 Brain Yoyo (colors vary)
  • 1 Yoyo Holster
  • Extra yoyo strings

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