Yomega Glide Yoyo

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The Yomega Glide Yoyo is an advanced level player from the expert yo yo makers at Yomega. This yoyo is finally out of the shop after a year of the Yomega Staff members designing and perfecting an nonresponsive, advanced level yo yo similar to the offerings of other high end brands like YoyoFactory and YoyoJam. The Yomega Glide Yoyo is a serious competition yo yo from Yomega, and has been their first premium yoyo released in years. But it was well worth the wait.

The Glide has been engineered with a terrific weight distribution, with the weight concentrated along the rims for amazing speeds and stability while throwing the yoyo down. This is also a great yo yo for thumb grinds because of its inner edge and bead blasted surface that allows the Glide Yoyo to coast on your thumb. The Glide Yoyo comes with a Large C Konkave Dif-e-Yo bearing, which helps keep the yoyo string centered on the bearing, which ultimately increases your spin time. Just keep in mind that this is an unresponsive yo yo and a bind is required to get the yoyo to return to your hand. This basically means that a normal tug on the string will not get the yoyo to come up.

What makes the Yomega Glide a high end yoyo, exactly, and why does it cost more? It is an aluminum yoyo, which gives it additional weight for super long spin times. It has a larger, concave type C bearing, which improves spin times and is a top choice the for non-responsive style of yoyoing. It has a silicone response system, which is the "new school" response system for non-responsive yoyoing. And it has a flared gap shape that was computer engineered and designed to give it the greatest amount of stability and rotational inertia.

Yomega uses a numbering system for their yoyos called "Yo to Pro Level," which goes from 1 to 5. If a Yomega yoyo is numbered as 1, then it is the very easiest and simplest to use yoyo that is suitable for an absolute beginner. At the other end of the scale is a ranking of 5, which means that it requires advanced skills to be able to successfully use the yoyo. The Yomega yoyos at level 5 are typically non-responsive yoyos, which means that they do not wake up from sleeping unless you know how to perform a bind. The Yomega Maverick is a 5 on the Yo to Pro Level scale. Anything listed as a 4 or 5 is considered to be Pro Level. What 5 means in this case is that you're going to get a really smooth yoyo for doing string tricks that won't wake up at all unless you know how to bind.

The Yomega Glide Yoyo Features:

  • Weight: 68.5 Grams
  • Diameter: 55.8 mm
  • Width: 42.75mm
  • Bearing: Large C Dif KonKave
  • Response: Silicone
  • Includes 1 string (string color vary)

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