Yomega Mania Yoyo Trick DVD

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152 Tricks performed by Team Yomega Experts Yomega Mania brings together three of the most gifted and coolest personalities in the yoyo world today. Please note, at this discounted price you will only receive the DVD and not the plastic case. 

Hosted by Brett Outchcunis - also known as Outch - assisted by Team Yomega superstars Robert Kitts and Patrick Mitchell, Yomega Mania is fun and educational for players of all ages and skill levels. All 152 tricks are shown using three separate angle views, slow motion features, full audio descriptions, and each trick discloses the yoyo being used.

Yomega Yoyo Trick DVD Features:

  • DVD only, no case (dvd will arrive in only the paper sleeve)
  • Search by Name or Skill: You can access all of the 152 tricks on Yomega Mania in two ways: By Name or By Skill Level.
  • Loop Mode and Slow Motion
  • Looping: For those hard-to-master tricks, set it to looping for repeated viewing
  • Slow Motion: Turn this on to watch any angle at half speed
  • Step-by-Step Instruction: Each of the 152 tricks contains a "with audio" angle in which Outch and Team Yomega show and explain how to perform each trick.
  • View Multiple Angles: Watch two camera angles of each trick. You can set to loop either of these angles or watch them in slow motion. These views show the trick being performed at full speed (or half speed when slow motion is turned on).
  • ****DVD only, no case (dvd will arrive in only the paper sleeve)****

****DVD only, no case (dvd will arrive in only the paper sleeve)****