Yomega Power Brain XP Return Yo-Yo

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The Yomega Power Brain is the improved version of the Brain, featuring a 3 point floating synchronous clutch. This high performance yoyo will automatically return after a sleeper has been thrown. The Power Brain XP is designed for both beginner and intermediate play. This yoyo has a "Smart Switch" which enables you to chose between automatic and manual function with the flick of a switch located on the side of the yoyo.

This yoyo is especially encouraging to beginners, because they will be able to get the yoyo to "wake up" after they throw a sleeper. You should consider also buying a regular yoyo too, so that you can continue to advance after you master this crucial yoyo technique. The Brain XP comes three colors.

Specifications on the Power Brain XP Yo-yo:

  • Weight: 69 grams
  • Width: 35.9mm
  • Diameter: 60.3mm
  • Starburst Return System
  • 2.5mm gap
  • Smart Switch: quickly switch between automatic return and manual yoyo play

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