Yomega Yoda String Bling Star Wars Yoyo

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Yomega's collectible series of Star Wars String Bling yo-yos feature a PVC sculpted ring in the shape of some of Star Wars most popular characters. Each ring contains a groove to hold a yoƒ?yo string. In addition, each String Bling character features a high-performance Fireball yo-yo emblazoned with the character's image, perfect for super-fast advanced tricks or basic throws.

If buy this yoyo you do, turn wise you must? Will it make you really small and green when you use it? Can you hear better with super pointy ears? Will using this yoyo allow you to lift an X wing fighter out of a swamp using only the Force, making Luke Skywalker look like a really lame quitter with no faith in his own power? You will only know the answer to these many Star Wars yoyo questions if you buy the Yoda yoyo and decide for yourself.

If you are buying a yoyo, don't forget to buy a yo-yo trick book to carry with you, a yoyo trick DVD for at home, and extra yoyo strings. Learning new tricks makes yoyoing much more fun, and you'll need extra strings, because they wear out with regular use.

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