Yomega Yoyo Buyer's Guide

How to Buy a Yomega Yoyo, the Ultimate Guide

If you ask anyone you to name a brand of yoyos, chances are pretty good that Yomega might be one of the first names they come up with. Founded in 1983, Yomega is the company that invented the clutch yoyo -- a yoyo that wakes up automatically and returns to your hand.

But there’s a lot more to Yomega than auto-return yoyos, which are mostly intended for beginner players. They also manufacture advanced yoyos like the Yomega Raider that have been used to win both national and world yoyo championships and many other very popular models.

Here’s a buyer’s guide to help you choose which Yomega yoyos are right for you. And yes, I definitely said “yoyos” plural, because you should buy more than just one!

This buyer's guide is for Yomega yoyos only. If you want to see our guide for all brands, check this page.

Absolute Beginner Yomega Yoyos

For the absolute beginner who hasn’t used a yoyo at all before and still needs to learn the basics, consider the Yomega Brain yoyo or the Yomega Power Brain XP yoyo. Both of these models are “auto return” yoyos that come back to your hand when the spinning starts to slow down. The Power Brain XP has a switch so that you can use it as a regular yoyo without autoreturn, once you have mastered the basics. The regular Brain is autoreturn only.

Beginner to Intermediate Yomega Yoyos

The Yomega Fireball yoyo is a durable and high quality plastic yoyo with a transaxle design. The transaxle allows the yoyo to sleep longer than a regular yoyo, but not quite as long as a ball bearing yoyo. It responds quicker than a ball bearing yoyo though, so it is a little bit easier to get the hang of when you’re still a beginner and still learning.

The Yomega 3 Piece Gift Set comes with three different yoyos, along with extra string and Brain Lube to keep the yoyos tuned up. It even includes a holster. The yoyos are the Brain, the Fireball and the Raider. So you can start from the beginning and work your way up to more advanced models as you progress.

The Yomega Maverick yoyo and the Yomega Dash yoyo are both very popular metal Yomega yoyos that look great and perform even better. Suitable for intermediate yoyo players, these yoyos can complete extremely advanced tricks if you have the skill. They both have ball bearing axles for extremely long spin times, and a flared gap shape so that you can easily catch the yoyo on the string for complicated string tricks. They also have a silicone response system for less responsive play, which means that it makes it less likely for the yoyo to snag on the string when you are doing a tough string trick.

The Yomega Raider yoyo is a terrific choice for all your standard yoyo tricks, and has been used to win both national and world championships. It is made of durable plastic and features a ball bearing axle for extremely long spin times. Everyone needs at least one Raider in their yoyo collection.

Advanced Yomega Yoyos

Non-responsive / unresponsive yoyos are a relatively new trend in yoyoing. A non-responsive yoyo does not wake up from sleeping when you tug on the string. You have to learn how to do a “bind” type of trick that forces the yoyo to come back to your hand. This allows new styles of tricks that are not possible with a traditional yoyo.

The Yomega Glide yoyo is Yomega’s rather late entry into the non-responsive category. But it was worth the wait, because they did it right. You get amazingly good looks, and extreme performance. The aluminum body is weighted and shaped for seriously good performance on the string. A wide, concave bearing provides incredibly long sleep times. This one is ready for pro level performance if you are advanced enough to know how to use it properly.

For the Ultimate Yomega Fan

If you like Yomega and won’t settle for anything less than the best, then you’re going to love our exclusive Ultimate Yomega Gift Crate. We put together all of the top Yomega yoyos in one package, together in a pinewood crate with handles that is suitable to store your yoyo collection. Best of all, by buying them all together, you get a discounted price that is much lower than buying it all separately.

Accessories, Trick Books and Strings

Whether you are buying a Yomega yoyo or any other brand, you’ll want to make sure that you buy extra yoyo strings, and probably a trick book or trick DVD so that you can keep learning new tricks and advancing your skills.

See our full line of strings, trick books, DVDs and other accessories.

Strings wear out quickly, so make sure you have at least a few extras!

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