Yoyo Factory Marco Yoyo

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Take string tricks to the next level with the Yoyo Factory Marco Yoyo, signature yoyo of Polo Garbkamol Limangkul. Polo won the Thai national contest, 2018 Asia Pacific 1A title and is well known for his technical tricks.

The Yoyo Factory Marco yoyo is a bimetal yoyo made from 6061 aluminum with stainless steel rims. The Marco yoyo is well balanced with good proportions of rim to center weight. The additional rim weight increases balance and stability, making it capable of handling its speed.

The design of the Yoyo Factory Marco yoyo was created with a key focus, to be catchable. Land big tricks on this wide yoyo. This competition level yoyo has the power, speed and the balance to move through powerful combinations. Complete with an impressive design of an enhanced finger spin edge.

If you are ready for the next level of play, try the Yoyo Factory’s Marco yoyo.

The Yoyo Factory Marco yoyo is an unresponsive yoyo. This is the yoyo to try if you’re wanting to learn how to perform a bind to return the yoyo to your hand.

Yoyo Factory Marco yoyo specifications:

  • Diameter: 57.5 mm
  • Width: 46.5 mm
  • Gap width: 4.40 mm
  • Weight: 66.4 grams
  • Bearing Size: Size C, Center Trac
  • Response: CBC 19 mm Slim pad
  • 10 mm stainless stell axle
  • Unresponsive, Bind Required
  • Play style: String tricks (1A)

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