Yoyo Factory Paolista Yoyo

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Yoyo Factory’s Paolista Yoyo is the signature yoyo of Paulo Bueno.

Over the past 5 years, Paulo Bueno has been developing his technical skills and quietly becoming one of the most competitive yoyo players in the world. For the past two years, Paulo has taken 1st place in the highly competitive Bay Area Classic, Brazilian National Championships, and almost won the 2016 EYYC competition. For 2017, YoYoFactory wanted to make sure that Paolo had everything he needed to be ready for a big year of competitions with the Poalista yoyo.

Yoyo Factory focused on consistency, durability, and pure performance for the design of the Paolista. The thick rims offer great surface areas for fingerspins and perfect weight distribution for powerful spins to move through long, technical combos. The shape fits comfortably in the hand. The gap has been slightly brought in for tight binds.

This yoyo is a high performance competition yoyo. What you’ll get with the Paolista is a yoyo that can accomplish intricate movements. With its smaller shape and powerful spins, the Paolista can maneuver technical string tricks.

The Paolista is an unresponsive yoyo. An unresponsive yoyo means it will not wake to your hand with a tug of the string. A trick called a bind must be performed to wake the yoyo.

Yoyo Factory Paolista Specifications:
  • Weight: 65.1g
  • Diameter: 55.5 mm
  • Width: 43.4 mm
  • Aluminum - 6061
  • Play: String Tricks (1A)
  • Bearing: Center Trac bearing with slim pads
  • Unresponsive

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