Yoyo Factory 'Play Yoyo' Collection

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Looking for a durable beginner yoyo?

Choose between these Yoyo Factory ‘Play Yoyos’ for fun collectible designs:

Popstar (purple, lime)

Go! (looping, translucent orange)

Starlite (glow in dark)

Voyage (translucent red, black)

Black Cat (looping)

Snapshot (translucent blue)

The Yoyo Factory ‘Play Yoyo’ collection are all responsive yoyos. These yoyos are designed to return to your hand without knowing an advanced level of yoyo skills.


Yoyo Factory ‘Play Yoyo’ Collection specifications:

  • Wing shape diameter: 58.66 mm
  • Wing shape width: 36.70 mm
  • Wing shape gap width: 1.50 mm
  • Wing shape weight: 55.3 grams
  • Looping diameter: 58.88 mm
  • Looping width: 33.85 mm
  • Looping gap width: 2.17 mm
  • Looping weight: 52.07 grams
  • Bearing size: Transaxle
  • Response: Starburst
  • Play style: String Tricks (1A)

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