YoYo Factory Protostar

Was: $34.99
Now: $8.99

The Yoyo Factory Protostar yoyo is the signature model of John Ando. This yoyo follows in the footsteps of the awesome Superstar yoyo model without all of the high cost. This yoyo will throw down just as smooth as its more expensive, metal relatives, and you will only pay half the price! Don't forget to add extra Yoyo Strings, Accessories and Instructional DVDs & Books to your order!

This is a full size yoyo that plays great, because of the even weight distribution around the rim. It will produce some mind blowing grinds, that are as smooth as silk. This is a low response yoyo, so please do not purchase this yoyo unless you can perform a bind. As you throw the Protostar yoyo, it should be easier for you to keep the string away from the response system. This is because it has the new Center Trac Bearing which is designed to keep the string in the right position along the bearing.

YoyoFactory Protostar Yoyo Features

  • Bearing Type: C
  • Center Trac Bearing System
  • Shape: Wing
  • Weight: 67 Grams
  • Low Response


There is an option for a Black 44clash, and you ask what is 44 clash? 

44Clash is a high exclusive underground yo-yo contest run in Tokyo, Japan for the past few years. What started as a small group of old-school Japanese players having fun has turned into a highly respected contest and brand. Each year that 44clash has occurred, YoYoFactory has supported the event by making some limited production 44clash branded yo-yos to promote the event. Many of these yo-yos have become some of the most sought after yo-yos that YoYoFactory has ever made. This year, we are releasing two of our most popular yo-yos in Japan with limited 44Clash artwork and colors. Both the Protostar and Loop1080 come in solid black, which neither has ever been released in before. Combined with gold print, these yo-yos stand out as some of the most unique Protostars and Loop1080’s we have ever made.

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