Yoyo Factory Shutter Yoyo

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If you're looking for a high end metal yoyo for a bargain price, you've found it with the YoyoFactory Shutter yoyo. This signature yoyo of YoyoFactory's top pro Gentry Stein was used by Gentry in the last World Yoyo Contest, so you know it's good enough for the very top level of real world competition, and not just a low cost yoyo that isn't any good. The Shutter is the real deal.

As a competition pro level yoyo, this means that the Shutter is unresponsive. If you're new to yoyoing, non-responsive or unresponsive means that the yoyo doesn't "wake up" when you throw a sleeper and tug on the string. You have to do a special "bind" type of trick to force the yoyo to wake up. You'll need to know how to bind with this yoyo, or be willing to learn.


If you look at the design on the side of the yoyo, you'll notice that it looks like a camera shutter. It's a "Shutter" yoyo. Get it? Pretty cool detail. Our favorite aspect of the Shutter yoyo design is the way that they put a bunch of weight on the outside rim to increase stability and spin time, and then made the inside "chunk down" toward the bearing, so the string has a tendency to fall right into that sweet spot in the middle, where you want it.

Where else are you going to find a yoyo in this price range that's a signature yoyo that was actually used in a World Yoyo Contest? Get out your wallet and add this yoyo to your cart right now. You'll be happy that you did.

Shutter Yoyo Specifications:

  • 55.83 mm Diameter
  • 44.33 mm Width
  • 67.5 Grams
  • SPEC Bearing
  • White CBC Pads


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