Yoyo Factory Stainless Steel Whistling Yoyo

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The Yoyo Factory Stainless Steel Whistling Yoyo is an old classic that has been remade by the experts at YYF. This yoyo is a replica of the old tin yoyos that were produced in the good ole days. The holes that are strategically placed on the halves of the yoyos make it whistle as it, which we think is pretty cool.

The Whistler Yoyo is a performance yoyo that has been molded from premium stainless steel. This classic yoyo comes with a interchangeable response system, and a large and small bearing for your choosing as your skills advance. If you are ready to master the more complicated yoyo tricks, throw on the larger bearing, and give them a try.

The Whistler Yoyo has the Yoyo Factory logo pressed into both sides of the yoyo, which give it a very slick look. Get Yours Today!


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