Yoyo Factory Whip Yoyo

MSRP: $10.99
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Now: $4.99
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The Yoyo Factory Whip Yoyo is a great starter yoyo if you are new to unresponsive yoyoing. The Whip yoyo gives you the opportunity to practice throwing an unresponsive yoyo, but you still get the quality of a higher priced model. Check out the video below to see what this yoyo is capable of when you know how to use it. A bind is required to wake this yoyo up. See details below.

The Whip yoyo is a plastic model from the experts at Yoyo Factory. It is an unresponsive yoyo, so just remember, you need to know or learn how to do a "bind" to get it to return to your hand out of a sleeper. The Whip yoyo has a great feel in your hand, with a surface that is great to practice grinds on. It also has a Large C bearing, and a silicone pad response system. The Whip yoyo is perfect to practice advanced tricks on before you upgrade to a more expensive model.

The Yoyo Factory Whip Yoyo Features:

  • Weight: 56.2 Grams
  • Diameter: 54mm
  • Width: 40.9mm
  • Bearing: Large C
  • Response: Silicone

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