Yoyo King Jester Yoyo

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After a runaway success with the very popular Merlin yoyo, Yoyo King decided to take another swing at making a second plastic yoyo. And it turned out great! 

Plastic flared gap yoyos have come a long way in the past five years. Many of the top models from 10 years ago or longer feature small bearings, and a sticker or starburst response system. 

Like with the Merlin, the Yoyo King Jester yoyo brings plastic yoyos up to "new school" design standards, with a larger, longer-spinning C sized bearing, and a silicone response system. That kind of design setup means that it's even possible to install a wide C bearing or even an angled, wide C bearing and make the Jester into a non-responsive yoyo that requires a bind to wake up.

And here’s the great news. The Jester comes with a narrow, responsive C bearing installed. But there’s also a wide, angled C bearing included in the box! So if you’re a player that likes non-responsive play and binding, then you can simply switch bearings. If you don’t know how to bind, you can use the Jester like a traditional ball bearing yoyo and wake it up when you tug on the string, right out of the box. 

The design of the new Jester yoyo was optimized to find a balance of spin time, stability, and ease of catching on the string. This makes it ideal for overall play. The Jester’s flared gap shape puts weight at the outside edges of the yoyo. That is the part of the design that allows it to spin longer, with more stability. 

If you look at the front view of the yoyo, you'll also notice a very awesome catch zone. That shape will help you more easily perform string tricks like the Trapeze or Split the Atom, or the Double or Nothing. It quickly guides the string back into the center gap of the yoyo, onto the bearing, to keep the yoyo spinning longer. With the standard narrow C bearing installed in the Jester, you get just the right amount of responsiveness for all of your standard yoyo tricks. This means that you can tug on the string and make the yoyo wake up and come back to your hand, like a traditional yoyo should operate.

Yoyo King Jester Yoyo Specifications and Features: 

  • Weight: 56 grams 
  • Width: 38.6 mm 
  • Diameter: 54.6 mm

If you're seriously advanced and like to play with a non-responsive yoyo that doesn't wake up at all when you pull on the string and requires a binding trick to bring back to your hand, take the yoyo apart and install the included angled, wide C bearing instead. Most customers who are beginner to intermediate players prefer a standard setup and never bother with binding, so don't worry about installing the included wide bearing unless you are an advanced player and know how to bind or want to learn later. 

If you are buying a yoyo, don't forget to buy a yo-yo trick book to carry with you, a yoyo trick DVD for at home, and extra yoyo strings. Learning new tricks makes yoyoing much more fun, and you'll need extra strings, because they wear out with regular use.