Yoyo King Proto9 Yoyo

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The Proto9 might just be the most exciting yoyo introduction yet from Yoyo King. First introduced on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, it was brought to market with the help of yoyo enthusiasts from around the world who pledged money to finance the first manufacturing run. It was so popular that it hit the funding goal in a matter of days, and kept going and going, eventually surpassing the funding goal by an impressive 241 percent.

The Proto9 now comes with a responsive bearing installed on the yoyo and a unresponsive bearing you can install when you are ready for unresponsive play.  With the responsive bearing you get a traditional yoyo and with the wide angled C bearing you get incredble spin times and nonresponsive play.

It is solid black on one side, and has the name on the other. It includes a string in the box (don't forget to buy extras, because they wear out!), ready to be attached to the yoyo when you receive it.

The Proto9 isn't made from just any type of aluminum. It's made from from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum -- a high enough quality of aluminum that it's also suitable for use as an airplane wing or fuselage. Each yoyo half starts as a piece of 6061 aluminum raw material that is placed into a high tech CNC machine. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. What it really means is that a computer guides and controls the manufacturing process in order to meet a level of quality that would not be possible if even the most skilled human were to try and operate the machine by hand. It takes approximately 3 minutes for the CNC machine to create a yoyo half from the raw material, cutting away the excess aluminum with a special cutting tool called a lathe. The machine itself is operated by someone with at least 3 years' worth of experience, to make sure that each yoyo half is precisely balanced and weighted so that it matches the other half and rotates smoothly.

After the raw aluminum yoyo half comes out of the CNC machine and is inspected for defects, it goes together with the other approved halves in a large batch. The halves are next run through another process where the aluminum parts are anodized. Anodization is a special electric treatment of aluminum that increases corrosion resistance and strength, while also adding color.

Next, the yoyos are tested for quality control again, and are hand assembled and boxed. And only after this entire process is the yoyo ready to sell to you. As you can see, this is a precision instrument. So take good care of it. Don't overtighten the halves and ruin it. Don’t misthread the axle. All high end yoyos require careful handling. Now that you know the story behind the Proto9 yoyo, it's time to add it to your shopping cart and buy it. Because only by owning and playing with this yoyo will you be able to fully appreciate how great it really is. 

Yoyo King Proto9 Yoyo Specifications and Details

  • Width 42.2 mm 
  • Diameter 52.8 mm 
  • Weight 68.2 grams 
  • Silicon response system for superior binding
  • Bearing: wide, channelized, 10 bearing type C bearing
  • Constructed of aircraft quality 6061 aluminum
  • Anodized for color, added strength, and corrosion resistance.
  • Take apart design for ease of changing and untangling strings 

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