Yoyo King Yoyo Gift Crate Box Set

Was: $149.99
Now: $119.99

When you order big you save big. This gift case pack is valued at $150 but buy them together and save big.

The ultimate in gift box sets for both the beginner or advanced yoyo player. This yoyo gift set box includes FIVE Yoyo King Yoyos (Wooden Classic, Merlin yoyo, Jester Yoyo, Double Agent yoyo and the Dr. Smalls yoyo), 50 yoyo strings, a bearing tool and a ceramic large C bearing.

The wood crate can be laser engraved with your name or short message: "Jacob's Yoyos", etc. Engraving will be up to 25 characters. If you do 15 characters (letters) or less they will be between 2 and 3 inches high across the top of the lid. If you have more than 15 characters they will be smaller, likely 2 inches or less. 

Colors will vary but the value will not. Buy this great yoyo gift box today for your yoyo enthusiast. 

Included in your Wooden Yoyo Crate:

  • 1 Wooden Yoyo King Classic Yoyo
  • 1 Merlin Yoyo
  • 1 Jester Yoyo
  • 1 Double Agent Yoyo
  • 1 Dr. Smalls Yoyo
  • 50 Blue/black yoyo strings
  • 1 Large C ceramic bearing
  • 1 Yoyo King bearing tool


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