YoyoFactory Boost Yoyo

Was: $74.99
Now: $19.99

The YoyoFactory Boost Yoyo is the bi-metal signature yoyo of Alex Hattori. In 2016 Alex Hattori placed third in 3A at World Yoyo Contest. In 2016 and 2017, Hattori was first place at US Nationals in 3A.

The YoyoFactory Boost is a high end competitive, performance yoyo with an affordable price. A yoyo with this competitive edge can run double the price.

Alex Hattori has a background in design with projects in robotics and yoyo builds at MIT. With his experience with throws and design, the YoyoFactory Boost is sure to be an amazing throw.

The design of the YoyoFactory Boost yoyo resulted in a fast yoyo with an incredible balance between speed and stability. This yoyo continues to remain stable at slow speeds. It’s easy to control and you can quickly change its direction. The YoyoFactory Boost yoyo is an affordable yoyo that will appeal to a variety of play styles. Even at 64 grams in weight, the Boost has the power of a heavier yoyo, moving easily through technical combinations.

YoyoFactory Boost Yoyo Specifications:

  • Bi-metal
  • Weight: 63.7 g
  • Diameter: 56.85 mm
  • Width: 42.5 mm
  • Pad Gap .170

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