YoyoFactory Confusion Yoyo

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The YoyoFactory Confusion yoyo is a full metal yoyo that’s a throwback to the classic 1990’s yoyo. The Confusion yoyo is all about fun.

The YoyoFactory Confusion yoyo comes out of the box responsive and breaks in easily for the perfect level of responsiveness for a lot of fun. Included are thinner pads, if you want to make the yoyo less responsive. Try the Confusion yoyo for stalls, regens, and basic string tricks.

With the YoyoFactory Confusion you get a throwback yoyo with the modern specs of power and balance from machined aluminum. The Confusion is comfortable in the hand and with the smaller diameter, it’s fun to catch. With the Confusion’s butterfly shape and rim weight, it is stable and has powerful spins.

Think fun with the YoyoFactory Confusion yoyo. If you are a collector or just want a fun yoyo, you’ll want this throwback yoyo.

The YoyoFactory Confusion yoyo is a responsive yoyo and returns to the hand with a tug response. Switch to the included thinner pads, for a less responsive yoyo.

Confusion Yoyo Specifications:

  • Diameter 56mm
  • Width 35mm
  • Gap 2.8mm
  • Weight 56 grams
  • 061 Aluminum


The yo-yo fits the SMALL CT bearing.

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