YoyoFactory New Confusion GT Yoyo

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The YoyoFactory Confusion GT yoyo is a collector yoyo and takes YoyoFactory’s Confusion yoyo one step further.

The YoyoFactory Confusion GT edition is a significantly wider yoyo than the original Confusion. With the extra width, this yoyo has more stability and spin power.

It’s as wide as a conventional metal yoyo, which is unlike typical responsive yoyos. Even with the extra with, this is a travel yoyo and will easily fit in the pocket and is comfortable in the hand. Switch out to the thinner pads for unresponsive play.

The Confusion GT is a collection model, not a competition style yoyo. Play for fun and see what the Confusion GT can do with feel of the 90’s yoyo, but with the extra wide width.

The YoyoFactory Confusion GT yoyo is a responsive yoyo and returns to the hand with a tug response. Switch to the included thinner pads, for a less responsive yoyo.

YoyoFactory Confusion GT yoyo specifications:

  • Weight: 57.7gm 
  • 35mm wide
  • 56mm diameter
  • Bearing small CT

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