YoyoFactory Shutter Wide Angle Yoyo

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Yoyofactory’s Shutter Wide Angle Yoyo is the new signature yoyo of Gentry Stein. Originally, the goal of the Shutter was to create the most well rounded yoyo that performs the best for all types of play. With the Shutter Wide Angle, Gentry Stein’s goal was to take this dependable yoyo and create something extreme.

"Shutter Wide Angle is not a Shutter replacement, but rather an addition to the Shutter lineup. For those who want to get a little more… extreme!" -Gentry Stein

With Yoyofactory’s Shutter Wide Angle yoyo, there is still the power, speed and control. But, now this all around yoyo has extreme capabilities for new innovative and explosive styles of play. The Shutter Wide Angle yoyo has a newly designed step incorporated off the bearing, adding width to the yoyo. This width creates a great throw for string tricks. The Shutter Wide Angle yoyo still has thick rims for weight distribution and stability. But, there is a smaller inner foil for fingerspins, making them consistent and easier to hit.

The Yoyofactory Shutter Wide Angle yoyo is an unresponsive yoyo. A bind is required to wake this yoyo and return to your hand. If you don’t know how to do a bind or don’t want to learn, you may want to look for a responsive yoyo.

If you’re looking for a pro level yoyo with stability for extreme tricks, try Yoyofactory’s Shutter Wide Angle yoyo.

Yoyofactory’s Shutter Wide Angle Yoyo Specifications:

  • Diameter: 56 mm
  • Width: 48 mm
  • Gap width: 4.55 mm
  • Weight: 64.3 g
  • Bearing Size: Size C
  • Response: CBC Slim Pad Size 19 mm OD
  • Unresponsive, Bind Required

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