YoyoFactory Ultimate Gift Crate

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Now: $339.99
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This is the perfect gift crate for your yoyo player. Yoyo Factory is one of the most popular yoyo manufacturers on the market. This yoyo gift box crate has all the leading YoyoFactory yoyos and will allow your yoyo enthusiast to have a full line of great yoyos. 

YoyoFactory Ultimate Gift Crate Includes:

  • Yoyo Factory Loop 1080 Yoyo
  • Yoyo Factory Whip Yoyo
  • Yoyo Factory 888x Box Set
  • Yoyo Factory Pop Star Yoyo
  • Yoyo Factory One Yoyo
  • Yoyo Factory Grind Machine
  • Yoyo Factory Mighty Flea Yoyo
  • Yoyo Factory Stainless Steel Whistling Yoyo
  • Yoyo Factory Yoyo Multi Tool
  • Yoyo Factory Thin Yoyo Lubricant
  • Yoyo Factory Response Pad Multi-Pack
  • 100 Yoyo King Ultra Premium Black with Blue Slick 6 Yoyo String
  • Wooden Yoyo Storage Crate

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