YoyoJam Dark Magic 2 yoyo


The YoYoJam Dark Magic 2 yoyo is here! Yoyo Jam took the world title winning original Dark Magic yoyo, and made improvements that top yoyo players all over the world have been asking for. The new Dark Magic 2 features a silicone pad response system which results in a much better and smoother response than the original Dark Magic.

This yoyo was designed by Team YoYoJam Pro, World Yo-Yo Contest Judge and National Yoyo Master Andre Boulay, who also has a graduate degree in neuroscience and behavior, by the way. He's not just a yoyo genius! The Dark Magic 2 yo-yo comes with a narrow standard bearing installed, which is geared towards more responsive play. This is the perfect setup for intermediate yoyo players who want a yoyo that wakes up when you tug on the string. "Responsive" means that the yoyo will wake up when it is sleeping and spinning at the end of the string.

It also comes with a separate, larger bearing for unresponsive (also called non-responsive) play. With "unresponsive" play, you need to use a bind to get the yoyo to return to your hand. A bind is when you wind string into the gap of a spinning yoyo, forcing it to grab the string and come back up toward your hand. This is an advanced yoyoing technique that requires a lot of practice to master! Most people will start using the yoyo with the thinner responsive bearing, so that they can use it like a traditional yoyo. But after you have mastered regular yoyoing, you can then move on to more advanced string tricks that work best with a completely unresponsive yoyo. You'll just replace the narrower bearing with the wider version, and the yoyo will no longer wake up from sleeping without a bind.

If you are looking for specifics about the two bearings that come with this yoyo, then look no more! The bearing installed in the Dark Magic II when you take it out of the box is commonly known as a C sized bearing, with a width of .125 x .500 x .187. The non-responsive bearing that also comes with the yoyo in the box is also known as a C sized bearing, but it has a greater width that makes the yoyo unresponsive, where it will not wake up from sleeping when you tug on the yoyo. The Speed Bearing measurements are .250 x .500 x .187, which means it is the same size, except that it is twice as wide.

Want to go even crazier with the bearing for the Dark Magic 2? Then check out this concave C sized bearing. It is the same size as the wider, non-responsive bearing. The difference is that it has a concave shape with a small groove in the center, which encourages the string to stay right in the middle of the bearing during spins. As long as we're talking about changing bearings, we'd like to point out that the Dark Magic 2 is a precision instrument. If you are not careful when you are changing the bearings or taking apart the yoyo, you can do terrible things like mis-threading the axle and stripping it out, or twisting it closed too tightly and ruining the yoyo that way. You need to have patience, be careful, and use finesse when you take apart precision competition yoyos. If you ruin your yoyo, you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

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The new Dark Magic 2 is slightly lighter than the original model. It weighs about 67 grams, compared to the old one that weighed 70. That adds up to more versatility right out of the package. If you look at the yoyo, you'll see metal rings on the outside edges. Those metal rings serve multiple purposes in the design. The extra rim weight from the rings on the outside edge allows the Dark Magic 2 to have a longer spin time than many other plastic yoyo designs, because of the physics of "rotational inertia." The rings also add stability during play, so that the yoyo stays stable while it is spinning / sleeping. The metal rings also allow for easier "grinds" because of reduced friction. A grind is a yoyo trick where you are basically making the yoyo sleep in place, while it is spinning and rubbing against your arm or thumb or something else.

The Dark Magic II features a new axle system as well! It has Yoyojam's Solid Spin Axle system, which boosts the performance by allowing a precise fit between the axle and bearing, holding the yoyo together better for a more stable spin. What are you waiting for? Buy yours today!

YoyoJam Dark Magic 2 Product Specifications

  • Weighs 67 grams
  • Features the Solid Spin Axle system
  • Includes a silicone pad response system
  • Comes with 2 different bearings! One for normal play, and one for "non responsive" play that requires a bind.
  • Measurements: Width: 43.7mm / Diameter: 56mm / Gap Width: 3.24mm
  • String Color Varies


Photo is representative of the model of yo-yo, actual color available can vary from the picture.


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