YoyoJam H3X (Hex) Yoyo

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YYJH3X-Black with Turquoise
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The Yoyojam H3X (pronounced "Hex") yoyo is a new and extremely limited metal, signature series yoyo by Andre Boulay. If you don't know, Andre Boulay is the guy behind the extremely popular Dark Magic and Dark Magic 2 yoyos from Yoyojam. The Dark Magic yoyos took the yoyo world by storm when they were introduced, and they remain best sellers even today.

Why? Because they are awesome. Andre Boulay and Yoyojam took everything they learned from designing the Dark Magic and Dark Magic 2 and from getting feedback from thousands and thousands of avid yoyo players. And they used this knowledge to create an all metal yoyo, rather than yet another plastic yoyo with metal rings. Continuing with the "magic" theme, they named it the H3X and gave it a logo that looks like something taken out of the Book of the Dead. Instead of sticking with a single piece of aluminum, they built the body out of aluminum and added a middle, inside ring made of pure titanium.

This yoyo screams, "I am awesome, unique, and expensive! Watch me perform!" A sleek aluminum body with sharp titanium weight rings placed at the heart of a yo-yo that screams Dark Magic design elements. This is one of the most unique and stunning Yo-Yos that YoYoJam has ever created.

The Dark Magic and Dark Magic 2 have been two of the most successful selling yo-yos of all time for YoYoJam. It is easy to see why with an excellent shape and design for learning all the basics to advanced. The H3X takes everything you loved about this great shape and adds a modern twist. The spin quality of H3X is as smooth as glass to the touch and a lot of care was taken to make the design something that really felt next level and unique. The titanium rings are coated with an iridescent color making them really pop against a sleek body and elegantly engraved artwork. These yo-yos are special and you realize that from the first throw.

YoyoJam H3X Yoyo Specs:

  • Diameter: 55.85 mm / 2.19"
  • Width: 41.40 mm / 1.63"
  • Weight: 66.7 grams
  • Bearing: YoYoJam Speed Bearing
  • Response: YoYoJam Silicone Response Andre Boulay's Hex Yoyo

If you are buying a yoyo, don't forget to buy a yo-yo trick book to carry with you, a yoyo trick DVD for at home, and extra yoyo strings. Learning new tricks makes yoyoing much more fun, and you'll need extra strings, because they wear out with regular use. 

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