YoyoJam Yoyo Buyer's Guide

How to Buy a YoyoJam Yoyo, the Ultimate Guide

YoyoJam is probably the top minor player in yoyo brands. You might not find YoyoJam in most toy stores or big box stores like you can sometimes with basic models from the biggest brands. But within yoyoing, YoyoJam is extremely well known and well regarded among top yoyo players.

Many of the most popular YoyoJam yoyos are advanced yoyos that are non-responsive / unresponsive. That means that you have to learn how to do a "bind" style of trick to make them wake up when they are sleeping. A nonresponsive yoyo will not wake up when you tug on the string without a bind.

Here's a buyer's guide to help you with choosing a YoyoJam yoyo.

This buyer's guide is for YoyoJam yoyos only. If you want to see our guide for all brands, check this page.

Beginner to Intermediate YoyoJam Yoyos

The YoyoJam Classic yoyo is a terrific choice for beginners. It looks great, it has a range of colorful choices, and it is made of durable plastic. It has a ball bearing axle for long spin times, so it’s easier to complete yoyo tricks. Simple enough for a beginner, but advanced enough that you can continue learning with it as you get better and still have fun.

Three other terrific choices for beginners to intermediate players are the Lyn Fury yoyo, the Journey yoyo and the Kickside yoyo. They also all have durable plastic designs, ball bearing axles, and are suitable for beginner to intermediate tricks.

Intermediate to Advanced YoyoJam Yoyos

YoyoJam’s biggest claim to fame is the "hybrid" yoyo design of a plastic yoyo body with metal rims. They even have a patent on this style of design!

Many of the intermediate to advanced level yoyos have this design, because the metal weight around the edges gives the yoyo extra stability and spin time for completing harder tricks.

The Dark Magic II is probably the most popular YoyoJam yoyo of all time, and for a good reason. It is simply outstanding. It is suitable for both intermediate and advanced players, because it comes with two different bearings. A narrow bearing allows you to use it like a regular yoyo. But if you put in the wide bearing, then the Dark Magic 2 becomes "unresponsive" or "non-responsive," which means that it will not wake up from a sleep when you tug on the string. Learn more on the product page.

The YoyoJam Hitman Pro is another extremely popular plastic yo with metal rims, giving it incredibly long spin times and precision in doing string tricks. It is a signature yoyo of a world champion, Johnnie Deivalle. This is a fun to use, high performance yoyo that belongs in your collection. Non-responsive.

The YoyoJam Legacy 2 yoyo is an all plastic high performance yoyo. No metal rings means a lower price point. Now you can get super high performance and advanced play at a much lower price. Non-responsive.

The YoyoJam SR-71 yoyo is another hybrid plastic yoyo with metal rims. It was designed by a top yoyo contest judge who is a real life rocket scientist, Nathan Crissey! So as you can imagine, it’s fast, aerodynamic, and built for performing at the highest level of yoyo play. Non-responsive.

The YoyoJam Surge yoyo is an attempt to make an advanced, high performance all plastic yoyo that plays as well as a metal yoyo. And guess what -- they succeeded! Best of all, this yoyo is priced at under $20, so it’s so cheap that you pretty much have to add it to your collection of advanced yoyos. It doesn’t make sense not to. Non-responsive.

Metal YoyoJam Yoyos

Although YoyoJam doesn’t make a large number of all metal yoyos, the ones that they do make are high performance, advanced models that are suitable for doing the most advanced yoyo tricks and designed to do them well.

The YoyoJam H3X (hex) yoyo is probably the coolest metal yoyo that Yoyojam has ever made. YoyoJam designed the Hex yoyo with Andre Boulay, the same guy who helped design the wildly popular Dark Magic 2. So as you can imagine, it’s good. But there’s more to this yoyo than just being a terrific performer. Much, much more. This isn’t just an aluminum yoyo. It’s an aluminum yoyo with titanium weight rings. Completely awesome. Read more about it on the product page. Non-responsive.

The YoyoJam Collid3r (Collider) yoyo is another super high performance metal yoyo that is the signature yoyo of Alex Hattori. Ultra long spin times and stability make this a top performer for advanced string tricks. Non-responsive.

The YoyoJam Captivate yoyo is another high performance metal yoyo designed in conjunction with top player Balint Farkas. Designed for speediness on the string and flow, along with long spin times and stability. It also happens to look as good as it performs. Non-responsive.

Accessories, Trick Books and Strings

Whether you are buying a YoyoFactory yoyo or any other brand, you'll want to make sure that you buy extra yoyo strings, and probably a trick book or trick DVD so that you can keep learning new tricks and advancing your skills.

See our full line of strings, trick books, DVDs and other accessories.

Strings wear out quickly, so make sure you have at least a few extras!

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