YoyoKing Everloop 2A Looping Yoyo

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The Yoyo King Everloop yoyo is a modified shape yoyo with internal weight rings. These weight rings add weight to the outside edges of the yoyo for long fast spins and outstanding balance and looping ability.

The starburst response system give the yoyo the responsiveness all 2A players desire when doing their best looping tricks. It has a ball bearing axle for super long spin times! This yoyo includes a yoyo string and instructions. 

Optimized to find the best balance, long spin times, stability, and ease of doing all your classic yoyo tricks.

  • Weight: 60 grams
  • Width: 27 mm
  • Diameter: 56 mm
  • Starburst response system
  • Ball bearing axle for super long spin times
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Includes a yoyo string, installed
  • Instructions included

For all levels, beginner to pro, the Yoyo King Everloop yoyo is designed for easily performance an perfect for tricks such as the: Trapeze, Split the Atom, Braintwister, or the Double or Nothing. It is specifically designed for looping style (2A) tricks like Time Warp, Around the World, Pinwheel, Hop the Fence, Loop the Loop and especially for two handed yoyoing if you purchase two of them! 

The Yoyo King Everloop yoyo has a starburst response system and a ball bearing axle for long spin times. The bearing will give you the perfect amount of responsiveness for all of your standard yoyo tricks. When someone says "Responsive"  it means you can tug on the string and make the yoyo wake up and come back to your hand, like a traditional yoyo should operate. This might be the very best modified shape yoyo you ever use, buy two today. 

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