Zeekio Continuum Yoyo

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Zeekio is known for its performance yoyos with budget prices. And, with the Continuum Yoyo by Zeekio you get high performance and value.

The Continuum Yoyo comes with a Konkave Bearing and yoyo string. It’s perfectly weighted and balanced, making it a stable yoyo with long sleep times.

The Continuum Yoyo by Zeekio won longest sleeper at 2013 PA State Yoyo Competition.

It’s machined from high quality aluminum. The perfect weight distribution is from the lightweight aluminum body and weighted heavy rims. It’s also designed to perform great grinds.

This is an unresponsive yoyo, which means a bind must be performed to wake the yoyo. So, it is not a beginner yoyo.

Zeekio Continuum Yoyo Specifications:

  • Weight: 69 grams
  • Width: 40 mm
  • Diameter: 51 mm
  • String Gap: 4.2 mm
  • Material: Quality machined aluminum
  • Silicone sticker response
  • Bind required to wake (non-responsive)

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